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  • BAAL by Bertolt Brecht for Elysium Theatre, 2023

  • SPORTS PLAY by Elfriede Jelinek, Just-a-Must Theatre, UK tour plus Cultural Olympics Pop-Up Production, 2012. Published by Oberon

  • VENEZUELA by Guy Helminger Arcola Theatre, 2002.  (Time Out Critic’s Choice, ***** in The Guardian). Published by Oberon Books. Studied as part of the MPhil in Playwriting Studies at Birmingham University

  • SLADEK/ASEXUAL CONGRESS by Odon von Horvath for readings at the National Theatre, 2001 & 2003, published by Oberon Books

  • BISMARCK by Frank Wedekind, for Nottingham European Arts Festival neat14

  • SLAUGHTERING THE PIG by Peter Turrini (White Bear Theatre Club, Time Out Critic’s Choice) 1995

  • HAWKING’S DREAM by Erwin Riess (Mammoth Theatre Company, Teatro Technis); 2000 – published by Oberon Books

  • YOU SHALL GIVE ME GRANDSONS by Thomas Jonigk (Contact Theatre, Manchester and Aurora Theatre, Los Angeles); 1996 published by Goethe-Institut in their theaterbibliothek series

  • 610 BEDFORD DRIVE (Attic Theatre, Melbourne 1997) by Michaele Ronzoni; SHOES (Royal Court, London 1997) by Michaele Ronzoni

  • THE RECKLESS ARE DYING OUT by Peter Handke (606 Theatre Company, Lyric Hammersmith, Time Out Critic’s Choice) 1998

  • KING KONG’S DAUGHTERS by Theresia Walser (Royal Court New Writers Season 1999) 

  • MALARIA by Simone Schneider (Royal Court New Writers Season 1997) published by Nick Hern Books as German Plays 2.

  • YES, MY FUEHRER by Brigitte Schwaiger (Edinburgh 1996) the actress shortlisted for The Stage Award for Acting Excellence and Etcetera Theatre London 1998 (Time Out Critic’s Choice).

  • THE GALITZIAN JEWESS by Brigitte Schwaiger, Etcetera Theatre London 1998) (Time Out Critic’s Choice).

  • VICTOR’S LIFE by Sybille Berg for PLATFORM, an EU-funded project in conjunction with the Gate Theatre and Arcola Theatre, 2003.

  • STARSTONE by Christian Martin for the National Theatre’s International Connections seasons 2002, published by Faber and Faber

  • DEATH MESSAGE by Azar Mortazavi for Company of Angels, 2012. Published as part of the Goethe-Institut theaterbibliothek series

  • HARVEST by Claudia Grehn for Maria Aberg, 2013. Published as part of the Goethe-Institut theaterbibliothek series 2013.

  • CALL ME GOSPODIN by Philipp Loehle, 2014. Published as part of the Goethe-Institut theaterbibliothek series 2014.

  • WHAT THE RHINOCEROS SAW WHEN IT LOOKED OVER THE FENCE by Jens Raschke for Theatre Café Amsterdam, 2015.

  • THE BIRTHING INTERROGATION by Ursula Werdenberger, for 2017 KURIS Festival, supported by the Goethe-Institut

  • I ONLY EXIST IN A REFLEXION by Jelinek/Bachmann at the HEAR ME ROAR Festival, May 2017 in Lancaster

  • MINETTE by Thomas Bernhard for the Royal Lyceum Theatre 2014, published for Oberon Books

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